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Enea Operator and the Minister of Energy signed an agreement on investments in the power grid totalling PLN 100 million


Enea Operator obtained over PLN 70 million of the Community funding for six new projects. Three of them foresee the extension of the infrastructure, among other in order to increase the potential of connecting RES to the grid. ...Read more

Enea Operator will strengthen the energy security of the Poznań agglomeration


Enea Operator signed an agreement for the implementation of new grid investments in the Poznań agglomeration for over PLN 44.5 million. For this amount two new 110 kV high-voltage lines and a grid switching station on Poznań Garaszewo, with outlets, will be built. ...Read more

Enea Operator restored power supply to 99 per cent of Customers


Enea Operator on the whole area of its operations, through which Xavier hurricane went, switched on almost all the stations transforming medium to low voltage. Over 99 per cent of Customers were connected. ...Read more

DM mBank recommends "Hold" for Enea's shares


In the report of 2 October 2017, DM mBank's analysts upheld the "Hold" recommendation for Enea's shares, setting the target price for company's shares at the level of PLN 14.59. ...Read more

"Hold" from Societe Generale’s analysts for Enea’s shares


In the report of 18 September 2017 Societe Generale’s analysts maintained the “Hold” recommendation for Enea’s shares. The target price was set on the level of PLN 16.00. ...Read more

Enea Group’s financial results for H1 2017 confirm stronger market position


H1 2017 is further activities towards building the development potential for Enea Group. In February, the Group adopted the Mining Area Development Strategy. And in March Enea successfully completed the acquisition of Połaniec Power Plant which already from the first months builds the Group’s additional value. ...Read more

DM mBank's analysts maintain “Hold” for Enea’s shares


DM mBank’s analysts in the report of 1 September 2017 maintained the „Hold” recommendation for Enea’s shares. The target price for the company shares was set at PLN 15.23. ...Read more

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