ENEA Group has published the eighth sustainability report. As in the previous years, due to environmental reasons, the document is available only online. Prepared according to international standards, the report concerns environmental, social and economic results of the Group in 2018. For the first time ENEA relates its projects to the commitments the company made to achieve the United Nation’s 17 Goals of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. ENEA’s fulfilment of these commitments shows not only the company’s concern for quality of life, natural environment and Poland’s energy security, but also its awareness of global challenges.

The report presents ENEA Group’s activities that have had a major impact on both the company itself and its environment. It is based on proven solutions and best practice employed for the previous reports. The document covers all the subsidiaries of ENEA Group except for LW Bogdanka, which, as a listed company, reports on sustainability on its own.