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Mirosław Kowalik will become a new president of Enea on 7 January


The company’s Supervisory Board selected the winner in the qualification procedure for the positions of the president and the vice-president of Enea. On 7 January 2016 Mirosław Kowalik will become the president of Enea, and Wiesław Piosik the vice-president for corporate affairs. ...Read more

Electronic service centre in March in Enea for Customers from Poznań and Zielona Góra regions


Works relating to the launching of a new electronic Customer Service Centre in Enea (eCSC) for the region of Poznań and Zielona Góra are still in progress. The company will provide the Customers with a complete solution, enabling dealing with all matters remotely in March 2016. ...Read more

New tariffs for individual Customers


The President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved the tariffs of Enea and Enea Operator for the next year. The distribution tariff was reduced by 1 per cent,  and Enea’s tariff, as the so-called nominated vendor, covering the price of energy for Customers from G groups, by 0.7 per cent. ...Read more

Watch the film from Enea's power plant made by Discovery Channel


We have a unique opportunity to see the backstage of the construction of the most modern coal-fired power plant in Poland.  Enea's investment in the new 1,075 MW power unit was filmed in Kozienice by the team of the popular science TV programme - Discovery Channel. ...Read more

"Buy" from Ipopema Securities’s analysts for Enea’s shares


In the report of 14 December 2015 Ipopema Securities’s analysts resumed issuing recommendations for Enea starting with "Buy". The target price was set on the level of PLN 14.1.   ...Read more

DM BZ WBK recommends "Sell" Enea's shares


In their report of 7 December 2015, analysts at DM BZ WBK issued "Sell" recommendation  for Enea's share. The target price for company's shares was set at the level of PLN 12.03. ...Read more

Enea headed by Wiesław Piosik


The company's Supervisory Board delegated its member, Wiesław Piosik, to temporarily act as the President of the Board. At the same time, today, the company's Supervisory Board recalled Krzysztof Zamasz from the position of the President and Paweł Orlof from the position of the Vice-President of Enea. ...Read more

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