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Societe Generale issued "Hold" recommendation for Enea


In the report of 24 November 2014 analysts of Societe Generale recommended "Hold" for ENEA's shares. The target price was set on the level of 17.20 PLN. ...Read more

Deutsche Bank raised the price estimation for Enea's shares


In the report of 19 November 2014 Deutsche Bank’s analysts maintained the "Hold" recommendation for ENEA’s shares. The target price was raised from PLN 16.00 to PLN 17.00 per share. ...Read more

UniCredit raised the recommendation for Enea to "Buy"


In the report of 18 November analysts of UniCredit Poland increased the recommendation for ENEA to “Buy” from “Hold”, formerly. The target price was increased to PLN 20.40 from PLN 15.00. Key factors testifying of the Company’s investment attractiveness include e.g.: cost restructuring programme, which will allow for cost reduction by ca. ...Read more

Insurance thanks to energy


Good insurance when making a bargain purchase of energy? ENEA's new offer gives such a possibility. The offer is proposed to individual Customers, consuming energy in the whole of Poland. It was prepared together with PZU SA.ENERGY with INSURANCE is a special offer which may be used by new and existing Customers already from 12 November. On conclusion of the new agreement they...Read more

Enea Group continues on-line CSR reporting


ENEA Group published the third corporate social responsibility report, again in an electronic version. The document was developed in accordance with the newest standards of reporting non-financial data, GRI G4. ...Read more

MPEC Białystok has a new Management Board


The Supervisory Board of Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej Białystok nominated a new Management Board of the Company. At the same time, it extended its composition from two to three people. Rafał Darski was nominated the President of the Board, and Members of the Board are: Sebastian Roszkowski (for strategy) and Andrzej Wysocki (for technical affairs).Rafał Darski...Read more

Analysts of DM PKO BP recommend "Buy" for ENEA


Analysts of DM PKO BP in the report of 30 October recommend buying ENEA’s shares. The target price in the 12-month perspective was raised to PLN 17.50 from PLN 16.20 before.Experts emphasise that ENEA as the first listed group will commission a large power unit, which should positively affect the Company’s results from 2017. ...Read more

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