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Three bids in the tender to build Ostrołęka C power plant


Commencement of the construction of Elektrownia Ostrołęka C power plant is moving ahead. The deadline for bids in the proceedings in a public tender to build Elektrownia Ostrołęka C expired at noon on Thursday, December 28. ...Read more

Enea Group’s new 1,075 MW unit commissioned


Enea Group opens a new chapter in the history of the Polish power industry, putting into operation an important investment for the national power system - a supercritical power unit with a capacity of 1,075 MW gross in Kozienice Power Plant. ...Read more

Enea Operator strengthens the power supply of Bydgoszcz


Enea Operator has completed a comprehensive modernisation of the Jachcice transformer/switching station (GPZ). The modernisation, in addition to  the reconstruction of the station itself, also covered the construction of new medium voltage line terminals and linking them to the existing power grid. ...Read more

DM mBank maintains “Hold” for Enea’s shares


DM mBank’s analysts in the report of 1 December 2017 maintained the „Hold” recommendation for Enea’s shares. The target price for the company shares was set at PLN 12.82. ...Read more

Enea Smart – switch to a smart house


Enea has launched a new product - Enea Smart - for sale in all its Customer Service Centres. This is a combination of a comprehensive contract with solutions for a home and flat, which allow to increase the comfort of living. ...Read more

Enea Group implements development plans based on a stable financial and operating position. The Group summarised its results after three quarters of 2017


The first nine months of 2017 for Enea Group are a period of a stable development of an innovative commodity and energy group. The most important event of the last months was the successful synchronisation of the new 1,075 MW unit at Kozienice Power Plant with the Public Power System. ...Read more

DM BZ WBK recommends "Hold" for Enea's shares


In the report of 20 November 2017, DM BZ WBK analysts issued a "Hold" recommendation for Enea's share, setting the target price for Company shares at the level of PLN 12.00. ...Read more

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