Record-high volumes of electricity supplied by ENEA Operator with historically the strongest reliability performance


2018 was a record-breaking year for ENEA Operator for two reasons. The Company not only supplied its customers with the highest volume of electricity since its inception, i.e. 19.9 TWh, but also the duration of unplanned interruptions in ENEA Operator’s network dropped to the shortest value on record – just over 152 minutes. ...Read more

Revenue growth and increased electricity generation – ENEA Group reports FY 2018 results


In 2018, ENEA Group recorded growth in its key operational results – total generation of electricity and sales volume of distribution services and of electricity and gaseous fuel to retail customers. In a demanding market environment, the Group posted higher revenues of PLN 12,673 million (up by 11.1% y/y) and continued to heavily invest across the entire value chain. ...Read more

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