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Enea Eco – new offer supporting the fight against smog


As announced, Enea expanded its offer with a new product promoting the increase of electricity consumption at night. The new offer - Enea Eco - has, thanks to preferential prices, to encourage customers to use electric heating and electric cars. ...Read more

Enea Operator has extended a power station in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, strategic for the development of the economic zone


Enea Operator has completed a several-stage reconstruction of the Transformer/switching station (GPZ), which guarantees energy supplies to Customers operating in the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone (KSSSE). ...Read more

Enea prepares an offer supporting the fight against smog based on a new night tariff


Enea, the leading electricity supplier, becomes involved in the efforts to fight smog. Yet in January 2018 the company is planning to expand its portfolio with a new product promoting the increase in energy consumption in the night hours. ...Read more

Enea Operator enters into the New Year with subsequent contracts for co-financing investments in Wielkopolska region


Enea Operator ended 2017 by signing three contracts for the community co-financing of very important investments. Thanks to them, two Transformer/Switching stations (GPZ) will be rebuilt in Oborniki and in Górczyn in Poznań. ...Read more

Three bids in the tender to build Ostrołęka C power plant


Commencement of the construction of Elektrownia Ostrołęka C power plant is moving ahead. The deadline for bids in the proceedings in a public tender to build Elektrownia Ostrołęka C expired at noon on Thursday, December 28. ...Read more

Enea Group’s new 1,075 MW unit commissioned


Enea Group opens a new chapter in the history of the Polish power industry, putting into operation an important investment for the national power system - a supercritical power unit with a capacity of 1,075 MW gross in Kozienice Power Plant. ...Read more

Enea Operator strengthens the power supply of Bydgoszcz


Enea Operator has completed a comprehensive modernisation of the Jachcice transformer/switching station (GPZ). The modernisation, in addition to  the reconstruction of the station itself, also covered the construction of new medium voltage line terminals and linking them to the existing power grid. ...Read more

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